Davey Horne is a musician from Fife, Scotland that sounds nothing like a musician from Fife, Scotland.


Steeped in 60’s and 70’s Americana, Davey has taken great time and care to study the back catalogues of Neil Young, Gram Parsons and Bob Dylan and combined them with his deep love for Elton John, George Harrison and David Bowie. The result is glorious, sun-drenched psych rock delivered by an unassuming, long-haired, denim clad virtuoso.

​His debut album represents the culmination of the first phase of Davey’s solo career. Since the break-up of international touring group ‘The Ray Summers’, Davey has been building his sound around his three stand-out talents: his voice, his multi-instrumentalism and his songcraft. Over many years these have distilled into 10 tracks of unique Psychedelia-laced Americana.

​His sideman work with Grammy-nominated producer Jonathan Wilson and singer/songwriter Nicole Atkins put Davey in inspirational company as the album grew into life. Those duties take a back seat now as Davey concentrates fully on finally sharing his own creative vision with the world. Recorded over 3 months in the Kingdom of Fife, Scotland with renowned Nashville-based producer Ryan McHugh, the album draws inspiration from the Scotland of his childhood, the America of his dreams, and his desire for the life he wants to lead as a husband and father. 

​This album constitutes the start of a period of relentless creativity, a reawakening. Having had to take time off from music to look after his young family, Davey is back with a new band and new energy, which will herald more new music than ever before. The release of his debut album is therefore not an end, but a beginning. Or perhaps just the end of the beginning.

"A man on the cusp of greatness."

- The Sun

"Davey Horne has the best hair in Scot's music - with a proper 80s perm look going on. But the boy has got tunes that will make an even bigger impression."

- The Sun