Davey Horne is a musician from Fife, Scotland that sounds nothing like a musician from Fife, Scotland.

Steeped in 60’s and 70’s Americana, Davey has taken great time and care to study the back catalogues of Neil Young, Gram Parsons and Bob Dylan and combined them with his deep love for Elton John, George Harrison and David Bowie. The result is glorious, sun-drenched psych rock delivered by an unassuming, long-haired, denim clad virtuoso.

After spending the last few years touring The US and Europe as sideman to the likes of Grammy- nominated Jonathan Wilson and Nashville based Nicole Atkins, Davey Horne has decided to step out of the shadows and let his music speak for itself.  Davey’s desire to return to the spotlight was instigated by a surprise, seminal solo show at the 2018 Newport Folk Festival.

Released through Fife’s very own Lucid Shade Recordings, ‘Black Hole on the Run’ and ‘Galvanise My Bones So They Don’t Rust’ act as an introduction to Davey’s unique mix of unique blend of psychedelia, country, and rock and roll.